Political Consulting and Public Affairs

In politics, networking is important. The J. Harris Company has the experience necessary to develop the relationships your organization needs in the policy arena. Our years of experience have allowed us to build the ties needed to guide your organization through the policy apparatus, create an effective rapport with legislators and bureaucrats alike, and direct you to the policymakers who can help fulfill your organization’s policy goals. The J. Harris Company has the credibility and skill to help you build the personal links required in the modern policy process.

State Lobbying and Government Relations

Whether you are looking to tackle a specific legislative issue or are simply interested in developing stronger relationships with key legislators and government entities, The J. Harris Company can formulate and implement a strategy to help you meet your objectives by analyzing issues, developing arguments, and offering hands-on attention to help you reach your goals. Our company is exceptionally skilled at providing clients with advice on how to navigate the policy-making bureaucracy in Jefferson City. The J. Harris Company is registered to lobby with the Missouri Ethics Commission and can provide lobbying and consulting services targeted to all of your organization’s state policy interests.

Strategic Counsel and Crisis Management

During the most challenging and sensitive business circumstances, how a company responds often governs the extent of damage to its reputation. We provide strategic and tactical counsel to corporations, small business, and ad hoc organizations who would like to increase or alter their political profile or who need honest, informed guidance in solving a specific political or public perception issue.